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GZA chess

Just for this, I now reclaim GZA as my personally most respected Wu member. Combining his knowledge of matter and skill in MCing, he easily rhymed out the origins of the universe according to the Big Bang Theory. Check it ..

I have been struggling to write about this magnificent piece of art even before I had put one letter down. Never before had a poem made this much impact on me and up until this day, none equalized.

Poetri really is a great poet. I've been wanting to put up his poems earlier, I just couldn't decide where to start off since I love all his work.

Kanye West's poem '18 years', preformed at Def Jam Poetry in 2004, was the first 'leak' of his 2005 track 'Golddigger' ft Jamie Foxx.

Taylor Mali had been a teacher for 9 years. Although he loved to teach, or maybe even because, he decided he wanted to expand the reach of his voice.

It’s humorous with a political undertone and it’s a tribute to one of the greatest that ever did it as well as a call for change. Sarah Jones speaking on her Revolution ..

  The teacher speaks up once again, with fellow pioneer Doug E Fresh beatboxing on the background. Performed at Def Poetry in 2005, Season 4 - Episode 3. They are part of the lines from...

For Your Brain's Convenience

Get It Straight


Low and behold. It is I, the follower of Bokonon, the humble loopdigger who only leaves his existential crisis for a gram of Pollem and winegums. Shedding light on topics cloaked in darkness, revealing...

Neva Faded