The Art of 16 Bars a.k.a. The MC’s Miracle Cure for Wackness...

The Art of 16 Bars a.k.a. The MC’s Miracle Cure for Wackness (Video)

Aspiring rappersexperienced MC’s and die hard hip hop junkie fans should all watch this movie at least 27 times. Notable lessons include that after touring, toilets become blissfully enjoyable, you should not bite Method Man’s shit, you should be nice when Phife does a crummy freestyle, you should play with your hat when performing, and that when you make a great movie about the craft of the Hip Hop MC, you should not name it The Art of 16 Bars.

In a way ‘The Art of 16 Bars’ goes much further than just talking about writing 16 bars. It’s more like a step by step how-to guide on how to become an MC. It takes the audience through everything from picking a name, to various techniques like flow, writing, freestyling and performing, to career planning, label politics, and more.

Watching this 2005 documentary, I couldn’t help but wonder: why haven’t I heard of this before?! Ice-T’s 2012 documentary The Art of Rap was showered in media attention and played in big venues. All the while, it was little more than a reunion of Ice and his pals, who had their heyday in the late 80s through early 90s. This movie is everything you could hope for in a movie called The Art of Rap.

With Method Man narrating The Art of 16 Bars, and interviewed artists ranging from artists like Mobb Deep, Guru, Krs-One, Talib Kweli, Nas, Hieroglyphics, MC Lyte, Common, Kany.. [doptoggle title=”Ok a very long list of artists” icon=5 activeicon=6]A Tribe Called Quest, Alchemist, Beanie Siegel, Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, Clipse, Ghostface Killah, Hieroglyphics, Jadakiss, Jin, Jurassic 5, Kanye West, Killer Mike, Lil Scrappy, MC Lyte, Mack 10, Pharoahe Monch, Raekwon, Redman, Slick Rick, Tech 9, Too Short, Twista, Zion I[/doptoggle]

There is no lack of big name appearances. Still, screentime is allocated according to who has something to add, regardless of their popularity.

So, you want to learn how to rap? You’re probably doing it wrong!
This movie won’t make you a great MC, but if you have it in you, it will probably help.

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