The Dopest Hip Hop Releases of February ’14

The Dopest Hip Hop Releases of February ’14

The Tika will provide you with a monthly update on the dopest and most refreshing releases of each month, not only to save you the effort but especially to keep you from missing out. Here’s Februari’s, enjoy!

The Doppelgangaz – Peace Kehd


“Peace Kehd” is the fourth studio album by this duo. I have always liked The Doppelgangaz, and this album is a nice addition to their list of releases. The vibe is nice and laidback and has some new school boombap sounds. Don’t expect the unexpected, because this is just a dope record to chill to. It’s all easy listening and worthy of your collection.
You can listen to or cop it right here.

Supastition – Honest Living EP


This is a dope release. Honest Living is exactly what the title is telling you; it’s honest and tells truth. Besides a dope production, I really enjoyed the message of this release. As Supastition says in the first track, he’d rather work a 9 to 5 job and make music every now and then, because you know whatever he spits will be honest and from the heart.

He has some on point observations, like the fact that dope dealers get more respect than people living off a honest job. And I like that. I have heard it all already. The bitches raps, the money raps, the keep it real raps, the anti-swag raps, the illumnati raps, and so on. But this one has a refreshing vibe that is definite to bring you a smile.

You can cop/ download the EP right here. It’s a name your price download, so you can fill in whatever you want to pay for it. Starting off at 0,00 but worth a lot more if you ask me. If you have a PayPal account, be sure to support your dope emcees by not downloading everything for free ;).

Qwazaar & Batsauce – Stress Chasers EP


This is the fifth release by duo Qwazaar (MC) and Batsauce (producer). The Chicago based duo has a dope style with a lot of R&B influences; Qwa is not afraid to do some singing every now and then. With six tracks, all around 3 minutes this is a fun, somewhat unique release that is worth your time. You can listen to it and cop it right here.

Prodigy & Alchemist – Albert Einstein: P=MC2 Bonus EP


Prodigy and The Alchemist have decided to revisit their ‘Albert Einstein’ with a re-release. This is a bonus EP called ‘P=MC2′ that contains 4 new tracks. The productions by The Alchemist are mellow and have a certain vibe of grimey/experimental’ish. Dope work. Listen to it below or cop it right here.

We hope you benefit, feel free to spread the love & let us know if we skipped any.