The Life of a Rastafari and the Threats to their Promised Land...

The Life of a Rastafari and the Threats to their Promised Land at Pinnacle


Bye bye high way, hello highway. How Rastas’ dreams are going up in smoke.

So, a bunch of prominent Jamaican musicians, and other Rastas,  are calling on people to occupy Pinnacle. But a Pinnacle of what? Why can’t they just relax and smoke a spliff? Besides, what does all this have to do with Hip Hop? Obviously, you know nothing.  It is time for the Tika to take you back to school.

Most peoples knowledge of Rastafari seems limited to pretty flags and misplaced Patwa profanities in a cloud of ganja smoke, so here is a quick summary: like the 5%’er ideology of many Hip Hop artists, Rastafari is a Pan-Africanist movement (it’s not a religion, because uhm, wikipedia said so), rooted in the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, founded by a dude called Leonard P. Howell.

Loosely based on Christianity, they believe Negus Haile Selassi I to be the second coming of Jesus, mostly because he was the first African head who declared independence from European colonizers. This idea prompted a number of Rastas to move to Ethiopia, in a kind of re-enactment of the biblical Exodus. There, Selassi I, being the friendly guy he was, had promised them all land in the promised land.

There is some stuff about living naturally (Ital, -not to be confused with Italian-), being self-sufficient and anti-authoritarian, and replacing the beginnings of words with ‘I’ to make them more positive. It has something to do with all being I. There is no ‘we’, only I ‘n I. Some even claim that Rastas have committed themselves to write everything in italic, though some quick research (which you will do yourself, you lazy bum) will show this to be  completely and utterly wrong.

So what’s this Pinnacle place then? It is basically a place where Rastas try to live according to their ideals, which are at odds with those of the countries elite (duh), who are trying to evict the Rasta community from what is probably it’s own property. With all this publicity, they might be able to ‘develop’ it into a nice Rastafari-themed amusement park. No, actually what they want is to build a highway (lol, high! You are right now).

The Rastas are not happy with these plans, and are mobilizing people with the only vehicle they have: the people power of the internet to Occupy Pinnacle. Now, if this post gets any punnier, or I add any more references, I’m afraid the universe will explode. So I will leave you with this: visit the Leonard P. Howell Foundations’ website for more info, and to sign a petition against all this foolishness.

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