5 Pointz is no more. Despite continuous efforts from the community to respect its state, the historical and cultural, Hip Hop and art landmark, was swept away overnight.

The owner of the building had it whitewashed without mercy to have locals, tourists and all the worldwide fans find out this morning. It’s a sad, sad situation for all of the above and involved and myself, since I missed out on my chances to ever see and experience with my own eyes.

Wether you had or not had the opportunity, knowing it’s no longer there feels as a loss. I find peace in all the amazing video and photo work shot there and can now only hope it will create the 1000 jobs the owner promised it to.

But as all good things come to an end, let’s remember the sickest spot of them all and celebrate its existence. I collected some of the most beautiful, most legendary and most impressive pictures of 5 Pointz to pay a little tribute, realize its beauty and smile upon it.

For them who were and are still in love with 5 Pointz, for them who missed out like me, for them who were closely involved and for them that didn’t know about 5 Pointz up ’till now and wonder what it’s all about.

R.I.P. 5 Pointz, I’m sure you’ll live on in many peoples minds & memories.


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