Tika Attire & The Boom Bap Addict Tee

Tika Attire & The Boom Bap Addict Tee

Boom Bap Addict

The Boom Bap Addict Tee in Black & White

This one goes out to all the Boom Bap Addicts worldwide!
Let your tee praise and represent the same thing your speakers do.

It’s a 100% preshrunk and sturdy heavyweight black cotton with white silkscreen print and a clean, unisex fit. You have the Boom Bap Addict in large font going strong on the front and the Tika logo on the back.

Now available through our webshop shop.thetika.com (worldwide shipping).
Boom Bap Addicts step forward!

“Hit the city streets to enhance my soul
I can kick a rhyme over ill drum rolls
With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat
Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap”
– A Tribe Called Quest, We Can Get Down


Always coming at you with expressive quality items representing Hip Hop related statements, Tika Attire caters wear as an individual and collective expression of our culture for as many Hip Hop inspired individuals worldwide.

High value opposing high end
Public demand opposing private brand

The Tika Attire is but another way to spread and share our love for Hip Hop amongst a greater and broader scope around the globe. Our t-shirts carry candid, expressive messages inspired by Hip Hop culture and consciousness and to publically preserve its qualities. We wish to cater clothing for all Hip Hoppas worldwide that want to share and represent in these statements.

Through the variety of streetwear, urban, Hip Hop or -inspired mainstream as well as underground clothing brands, most seem to take an ‘exclusive’ and ‘limited edition’ approach and generally overprice their products seen its factual quality. Without a doubt, there are exceptions out there but I have yet to hear from them, possibly to team up.

A logic move, as ever, was to supply the things I was missing in this world. And now we wish to find a community of likeminded people that love to order and rock our shirts And now we wish to find and extent the community of likeminded people that love to order and rock our shirts with pride and pleasure, and join the Tika Tribe.


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