Unity Jam @Vondelbunker Review

Unity Jam @Vondelbunker Review

Last weekend me and Be Loyal attended a Hip Hop Unity Jam in Amsterdam, a Fridaynight get together where all elements of Hip Hop would collide through talks and jams. Held in an exceptional venue; The Vondelbunker is a subsurface community centre right below the Amsterdam tramline whos rowdy 10 minute crossings creates an undeniable and literal underground atmosphere. The spot was decorated by graffiti writer Oustem One and there was an info stand with books, information and merch to represent the Knowledge element in full effect by Yogi34.

During the discussions it was Solo that represented the oldschool versus GK the newschool versus Zulu’s Timski for trueschool. Some interesting facts and opinions such as the origin of the word hiphop, the distinction between dancing driven on technique or emotion and how to unify and strengthen the community with a no-nonsense attitude passed the table, leading to a spread out but profound conversation, questioned and emphasized by the MC of the night Samuel Kitchell.

Followed by turntablist Rebel No. 1 spinnin’, an open mic and the sudden realization of the amount of bboys and dancers that were present. As promised “the Turntablist will play instrumental breaks, while the Emcees rap over it, and while the dancers are rocking the floor at the same time”, it took place. With a lack of sleep I couldn’t manage to keep up as the party took of and headed for an early return.

Photography by Madeleine Pattiapon.

“Through this jam and its activities we stay true to Hip Hop’s spiritual principles. A couple of these principles are Peace, Love, Unity, Fun, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding”. I think y’all accomplished another mission, big ups to Zulu Nation chapter Holland, Pasukan Warriors, Amsterdam of Movement, OwnTwistSchijnheilig and everyone involved for putting together rare events as these.

Video by Daniël Munro.
“Hip-Hop: A little impression of the first Unity Jam. Soeki on the beat, Samuel Kitchell on the mic!”

Video by Martin Marsoeki jr. AKA Soeki.


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