Zaantje / Ahih Jaihi – Finally I See

Zaantje / Ahih Jaihi – Finally I See

‘Let my mind be still, I need to chill
My thoughts must be crystal clear
And keep an open ear to hear
I must keep my balance, I must prevent fear from taking over
I must block these negative vibes
I must not allow my self to be cursed, by those who’s even more worst
I mus’nt pay attention to them. So here I am still, sincerely
humble to my self but not selfish

I dont know exactly how much.
Though I’ve been through a lot.
And I’m still glad and I’m grateful that I didn’t gave up.
I’ve been everywhere, searching for the answers to my questions.
Trusting strangers to show me the right directions’

A new artist in my new serie Zaantje, which I will use to expose my favorite musicians from my hometown.

Last month Ahih Jaihi released his RealAhihZation album. Though Jay currently operates from Zaandam and performed on many stages around Holland and Germany, his roots is to be found in the Philippines. When he moved to Holland at the age of 16 he soon got into HipHop, grabbed the mic and came a long way ever since.

The brand new RealAhihZation is his 3rd solo album after From the Incients to the Youths and Pranafull, which were released on his former pseudonym R.A.G. (Reckless Asiatic Genius). The beat is by Ksus Cases and the video made by SIAnimated/Stoned Image. His aim is to bring peace and love on this earth through spiritually awakening the people’s mind and soul. As he speaks: AHIH JAIHI is here now and he can’t be stopped, his spiritual consciousness reaches many people and it’s time to wake up!


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