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Welcome Volunteers!

The Volunteer ID Card gives benefits, discounts and recognition to those who volunteer. Whether you donate your time locally, nationally or on a global scale, you may qualify for awesome benefits through the Volunteer ID Card membership program - the Volunteer ID Card - helping you help others -

Travel Benefits with the Volunteer ID Card include - Discounts on airfare, train travel, car rentals, accommodations and international phone calls. You also get free access to the Hostel Res Card network, The North American Auto Club and many more benefits.

Whether you are going around the globe or around the block for your volunteer program, the Volunteer ID Card membership gets you tons of discounts with name brand retailers, fair trade retailers, alternative products, travel gear and more.

Travel Insurance
Peace of mind with medical and travel insurance when traveling abroad with the volunteer ID card upgrade.  You’ll receive coverage for accidental medical expenses, sickness/hospital stay, emergency evacuation, repatriation, trip delay and more...

Your Volunteer ID Card will be personalized with your color photo and name of your volunteer organization along with a certificate of appreciation suitable for framing.


Payment of Insurance Deductible
If you participate in a program where you are covered by a travel or medical insurance policy, the Volunteer ID Card will pay the deductible amount you would normally have to pay in the event of a claim incurred while traveling

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The Volunteer ID Card gives Benefits, Best Websites For Fake ID Discounts and Recognition to Volunteers

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