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About the volunteerIDcard

The volunteerIDcard is part of the International Student Exchange Identify Card - ISE Card - organization which has helped students since 1958. The volunteerIDcard provides for its members recognition, appreciation, and tangible discounts and other benefits. It helps millions of volunteers worldwide with their humanitarian, ecological and environmental efforts.

We know volunteering can be a personally rewarding experience. It can be full of hard work and long hours, but produces the highly personal satisfaction of seeing the social impact and knowing you make a difference in the world. Now with the volunteerIDcard and you can receive some of the recognition you deserve as well as some of the savings made available by many organizations who want to support and reward your efforts. These include special low volunteer airfares (known as "humanitarian" airfares in the airline lingo), discounts with accommodation, ground transportation, automobile roadside assistance, and discounts at over 40,000 restaurants in the USA. You also receive 24 hour worldwide travel assistance, preferential travel insurance rates, and an international telephone calling card. The volunteerIDcard cost $25 for a one year membership. You will be issued a special ID Card with your name and the name of the organization you volunteer for. You also receive a Certificate of Appreciation - suitable for framing

The volunteerIDcard is available to anyone who genuinely volunteers anywhere in the world for any local, national or international charitable group, religious, school or humanitarian organization. If you operate a volunteer organization, you may be interested in issuing Volunteer ID Cards to your participants. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can implement a program to include the Volunteer ID Card in your program package. If you have goods or services you would like to offer to volunteers - we would love to hear from you.

Inquiries always welcome, contact us at .

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We constantly search for ways to help make volunteering a safer, easier, and more rewarding experience. We would love to hear from you... especially if you have ideas on how to make our service and this web site better. Please write to us at .