Atmosphere – Happy Mess

Atmosphere – Happy Mess

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The first time I’m posting some Atmosphere makes place for a small introduction. A long time existing group from Minneapolis with current members rapper Slug and producer Ant. They put out very diverse Hip Hop and music and therefor are hard to designate, but always carry an honest and recognizable message by storytelling and a candid approach.

This track is from is the 5track EP, Sad Clown Bad Spring #12, which digitally leaked op April Fools Day 2008. The beat is classic due to its sample: Donny Hathaway’s Harlem Dawn. The conversational lyrics will be recognized by everyone who ever had a relationship and might bring some relief to its battles.

Atmosphere Slug

I just realized my favorite Atmosphere is without a doubt Woman With The Tattooed Hands, exactly deserved by that visually painting storytelling element and covering a beautiful quote with a complimentary Tika Truth.