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Global Telephone Calling Card

volunteerIDcard holders receive free of charge a global telephone calling card which provides exceptional rates for telephone calls worldwide with access to / from 150 countries and territories. Rates vary from 3 to 8 cents per minute for calls within North America, to South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. To Africa, rates start at 19 cents per minute.

This calling card automatically includes one free 5 minute telephone call anywhere in the world - just to try the service. Thereafter, you receive a special $5 calling bonus on the first recharge of $20 or more.

Also included, free of charge, is the Travel Journal - a unique way to get a free updated record of your trip and a way for your friends and family to easily see where you are and get in touch.

In addition, you receive the "Travel Vault" and "Document Store" features. These allow you to store copies of your travel itineraries, passport, and other important documents. If you ever need copies, you can retrieve them from anywhere in the world, anytime, with one phone call and have them automatically faxed to you instantly.

For volunteerIDcard holders who prefer to take a mobile phone or upgrade their current mobile phone with global SIM cards (so they work worldwide), you will also find information about these products at very special rates and values. These are terrific values for the service they offer, but if you are on a budget, even with these attractively priced mobile phones, it costs about ten times as much to use a mobile phone overseas than a calling card.

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