Eyedea – Weird Side

Eyedea – Weird Side

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The first time I heard this song I was amazed by the funky beat; it was very hard to stay still and not move to the rhythm. Then, hearing Michael “Eyedea” Larsen A.K.A. Oliver Hart, rap with the exact speed as the beat, a certain feeling of joy came over me. The pitch of his voice, his tone in combination with all the sounds creates a certain humor in his song, close to being ridiculous. At first I thought this would decrease the quality, but in fact it strengthen the song, because of the meaning.

Now, when I started to listen to the lyrics, his perspective surprised me.

Most emcees rap about so-called facts, about the way of life they live and then promote it. They try to tell you what’s the ‘real HipHop way’ of living your life. But when I listen to those lyrics, I always get the feeling they are forcing their ways onto you and you should live as they do, to be a ‘real Hiphopper’. By saying so they tend to label everyone who doesn’t live like they do, but claims to be a Hiphopper, to be a poser and a faker. However, looking at the principles of Hip Hop according to the HipHop Declaration of Peace, this is not what a Hiphopper should do.

“Hiphop Kulture respects the dignity and sanctity of life without discrimination or prejudice”

Eyedea’s ‘Weird Side’ represents his life and his way of living. Like a comedian does, he speaks openly about his flaws and habits in a humorous way. That way, he dares to speak about who he really is and how he is proud to be that person. In the entire song in which he presents himself comes down to him reassuring you that you should do what you’re good at, no matter what other people say.

This track is just an introduction to who Eydea is and what he does, fusing it with humor. It is full of examples of situations in which the listener can recognize himself. At least I did. He comes in with his objective, what he wants to accomplish and by then I knew that the song had a deeper meaning to its lyrics.

“I know a lot of people that’ll tell you that they hate me
Cause they know I bring out the weird side
Some say I’m a genius others say that I’m crazy
But they all say I’m a little on the weird side”

Later in the song, he raps about what other people think of him. However, he doesn’t judge others, only questions the opinion of others. He steps back and gives us an explanation of his distinct weirdness. Through that, he gives a standard of how to react to negativity from others.

For me, the song opened up a world of perspective.

It is all about what you do with the input you get from your environment. When you accept yourself as a being, and accept the fact that some will not understand or allow that. Embrace this and you will stand above them all, thrive from yourself! 

This article is written by Alexander ‘The Brain’ Lindhout 
Alexander is a bright individual that spends his days observing and analyzing the oddities of human kind. His love for HipHop started at the age of 11 and now he has grown into a full Hiphopper. Dedicating his life to spread knowledge and love.


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