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About the volunteerIDcard?
Our parent organization, International Student Exchange, has been volunteering at home and abroad since 1958, mostly in the academic fields. Through the volunteerIDcard we can broaden this academic focus., and serve the millions of volunteers worldwide. We are constantly searching for ways to help make volunteering a safer, easier, and more rewarding experience. We would love to hear from you... especially if you have ideas on how to make our service and this web site better: Please write to us at .

What is the volunteerIDcard?
An internationally recognized identification and discount card, available exclusively to volunteers. The card is available to volunteers who volunteer in their own country or to volunteers who travel to foreign countries.

Who qualifies as a volunteer?
Anyone who is volunteering for a volunteer organization or non-profit organization qualifies. You also qualify if you are an intern, full-time, or part-time employee of a volunteer or non-profit organization.

Are these discounts just for volunteer related activities?
No. You can use these discounts for any purpose for the entire year of your membership simply for being a volunteer.

How do you verify that someone is a legitimate volunteer?
We spot check the applications. Infractions are prosecuted as agreed to by you when you applied for the card. Please note, in some cases, such as with special airfares, you may be required to provide further proof of your volunteer status to the organization providing service for you.

How do I show proof that I am volunteering with an organization?
When further proof is required, such as for airline tickets, you will be provided with specific information on the acceptable proof that must be provided before the service can be provided (such as issuing an airline ticket at volunteer / humanitarian airfares).

What if I am having problems finding proof from my volunteer / non profit organization?
Generally if you contact your organization first, they can send an e-mail or letter, with their logo or letterhead. Generally, that is sufficient. If you are having problems, please contact us.

How do I gain access to the discounts?
After purchasing the card, you need to activate your volunteerIDcard on line. This activation will grant you access to all the discounts and benefits.

Is the 24/7 assistance free of phone charges?
Yes. You can either call the toll free number, or the collect number and you will never have to pay a charge. In North America: 866 925 9054 or worldwide: Collect to USA: 202 828 5894. Ask for Plan Code: TIA, # 23730 for ISE / volunteerIDcard.

How do I gain access to my Travel Insurance?
If you have purchased our special Travel Insurance, you will be provided with a policy number and specific instructions on how to obtain services worldwide - 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.

Who do I contact if I am having technical problems with signing in?
Please contact us at or call us toll free in North America at 800 255 7000 or direct at USA 480 361 1551.

What if I lose my card?
Contact us, and we will gladly replace your card free of charge and send it to you via postal service anywhere in the world.

Who provides your travel assistance?
We work with europe assistance, one of the largest travel assistance providers in the world. Founded in 1963, europe assistance provide services to over 42 million travelers per year with 35 Alarm Centers worldwide and 200 agents. The professional support staff exceeds 400,000 individuals worldwide, including 30,000 physicians.

Do you offer a refund or guarantee?
The volunteerIDcard comes with a complete, unconditional money back guarantee.

What about the fine print?
Yes, we do have terms and conditions as well as a privacy policy. However, we don't hide anything in the fine print.

You don't share my information with anyone else?
No. We never share or sell your information, or give it to spammers or solicitors. We do give your information to our assistance provider - but they will never contact you unless it is regarding your policy.

What is your background?
The volunteerIDcard is affiliated with the International Student Exchange Identity Card - ISE Card www.isecard.com - one of the premiere internationally recognized student identification cards. Our organization was founded in 1958; ISE Cards are issued in over 50 countries around the world and every year hundreds of thousands of students obtain discounts, travel benefits, assistance and recognition around the world with their ISE Card. The volunteerIDcard expands on this experience and expertise and offers similar benefits to volunteers.

What if I have other questions?
Feel free to contact us. You can call us at 800 255 7000 in North America or direct at USA 480 361 1551 or .

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We constantly search for ways to help make volunteering a safer, easier, and more rewarding experience. We would love to hear from you... especially if you have ideas on how to make our service and this web site better. Please write to us at .