Jungle Brothers – Brain

Jungle Brothers – Brain

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Besides dropping fine tunes, the Jungle Brothers have been partically responsible for breaking boundries between music genres as hip hop, jazz, dance and house and succesfully fusing these.

The Jungle Brothers exists of Mike Gee, Afrika Baby Bam and DJ Sammy B. Thanks to their distinctive sound and the first album ‘Straight Out the Jungle’ from ’88 being an instance success, it’s didn’t take long for them to get noticed and become a part of the Native Tongues collective.

After releasing the 4th album ‘Raw Deluxe’ in ’97, which ‘Brain’ comes from, Sammy B unfortunately left the group due to absence of ‘commercial succes’, and the duo remained. Their last release and 9th album was in 2006, but they’re still touring internationally. 

Though I’ve known the Jungle Brothers for a while now, today I decided to take a closer look, and I sure liked what I saw .. or heard really. So far, Brain is my favorite along with How Ya Want It, which is right down here, with fellow Native Tongue members De La Soul and Q-tip.

“Explanation of the funk essential trapped in my brain
Couldn’t do it, make me wonder how a world maintain
Got emcees frontin’ total masquerade
Screamin’ toast had to touch them up with my blade .
Cut is caught brothers still fallin’ to this day
And all is face say why’d have to be this way?”