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Environmental Efforts

The volunteerIDcard is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and shares offices with the International Student Exchange Identity Card. All of the companies electricity needs are met by solar power. In fact, the company generates more electricity with it's solar panels than it uses and the excess power is distributed to other businesses in the area. In 2007 we were recognized and awarded a Certificate by the local power company, Arizona Public Service for being the first company in their service area to have successfully installed and operated such a system.

We are also a member of the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partnership (profile, certificate).

volunteerIDcard recycles all paper; the brochures for volunteerIDcard are printed on environmentally friendly "Sappi Triple Green" paper which is wood-free, chlorine-free and acid-free.  Inks are Soya based and water soluble.

volunteerIDcard uses acid free copy paper made from recycled materials, and used paper is recycled.

Over 40% of company employees telecommute; 15% carpool and 20% walk to work.

Share your thoughts

We constantly search for ways to help make volunteering a safer, easier, and more rewarding experience. We would love to hear from you... especially if you have ideas on how to make our service and this web site better. Please write to us at .