Thundamentals at Oxford Art Factory review

Thundamentals at Oxford Art Factory review

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After releasing their second album through Obese Records in July this year, they’ve been busy bees touring with Outkast’s Big Boi and Drapht. But after a couple of months the Thundamentals finally found the opportunity to pull the national Foreverlution tour. So on the 26th of November, DJ and producer Morgs and MC’s Tuka and Jeswon came down to Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory. And of course, I was there to check out what this Aussie Hip Hop has in store.

Including Ruthless and especially Ellesquire as support acts, we were already having a party going on before the Thunda’s ever came out. But when they did, they did it big time with an amazing trumpet meets turntables intro – nothing but love for involving traditional instruments. Besides their lyrical righteousness and enjoyable flows, these guys fairly seem to understand what is considered a showcase. Plenty of energy, crowd participation and mutual chemistry – triple check. Where most acts today give their DJ a hasty thanks – ‘give it up for .. yay’ – when they finish and leave it at that. The Thunda’s realize that, in the end, Hip Hop all comes down to the DJ and the MC(‘s). I like how DJ Morgs actually got the shine and credit deserved. After performing several hits and the album’s single ‘Paint The Town Red’ (see below), it was up with the fun. Naaahhh not really, just with the showcase, but the party went on and on all night long. The guys didn’t restrain from mingling and moving with the crowd, and clearly enjoyed the fine tunes and female attention.

Reading some random, but all hailing reviews online had me quite excited before going down there. There must be a good reason for being called ‘quite possible Aussie Hip Hop’s brightest hope’ by AAA Backstage, right? I have to conclude, they generally lived it up. All in all, they rocked Oxford Art Factory and I believe if they keep their game up, it will def take them some places elsewhere – both Ellesquire and Thundamentals.

Special thanks to Soul Of Sydney. Global Hip Hop United. Peace!