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Who ever said hip hop had to be profound? Though Zion I have always been a group who aren’t afraid of making dancefloor-friendly music, in ‘Coastin’ they take corniness so far, it might as well be called Cornballin’. For a song that is already positioned squarely in the shallow end of the kiddie-pool, being about car driving and easy living, very little happens to dispel the feeling that the intended audience is similar to that of Sesame Street. There is a catchy hook about vaguely profound ‘life lessons’, a part of the beat that is encouraged to be ‘la-la’d along like a drunk football fan, sounds of cheering are included like some cheap shot at subliminal messaging.

The video is similarly corny. Seriously, the number of idiotic things that happen for no reason in this video is so great, a person of stronger convictions might be outraged. For instance, producer AmpLive sits behind a conveniently placed roadside piano like he’s playing it, even though anyone with ears can hear that it’s a sample loop. But the madness doesn’t stop there: trainracks are walked on (it’s not what those are for!), guitars are carried like fashion accessories, there is enthusiasm over windmills (which is kind of reasonable). There is even some standing in cars without any kind of parental warning.

Perhaps there is a of hidden message in all this, like ‘if you take yourself seriously enough, you can make anything look cool’. Still, I really, really love this song. Can’t help it. Maybe it’s because if you heard of Zion I before, you know they are not the average pop-rap group trying to cash in. Perhaps that is the message: don’t overthink it. Sometimes you just gotta la la la, walk on traintracks and cheer on the windmills.

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