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Keep it real, you say? Well, it doesn’t get much realer than this. While the title may suggest another pompous attempt to try and say something inspiring and ‘deep’, this song actually delivers without trying. It’s a song about dying, by someone with first hand experience.
Ok, it’s technically a Last Emperor track, but it’s Poetic who steals the show. Not only is his verse a very detailed description of his battle with colon cancer, part of Emp’s verse is about him too. I’d quote something, but there is no point quoting the whole song.

For the record, I really hate it when people go: “Ok, so you have to really listen to the lyrics here”. No, you pitiful excuse for a second-hand talentshow salesman. This is not supposed to be like the latest product you didn’t know you needed, or even wanted at all, that requires some kind of sales-pitch to generate interest. This is a rap song. MC’s, like all performance artists, are in the business of commanding your attention. That’s why we call them Masters of Ceremony in the first place. So if the rapper is not making me listen, then maybe they should just write a book, or go play volleyball.

Sadly, the rappers you want to shut up are never going to, and the ones you wanted to hear more from are already gone. Maybe we just want what we can’t have. At least Too Poetic (a.k.a. The Grym Reaper of Gravediggaz fame) gave us this gem as a parting gift. I’d tell you to listen to the lyrics, but you will hear them anyway.

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