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Meet Owen Dippie a.k.a. OD. You probably have saw some of his work already, whether online or in real life, and maybe without crediting the artist.

I’m happy to introduce you to this artist from New Zealand that has left his mark around the world and within the Hip Hop community. He has painted everywhere from his home country to 5-Pointz, New York and has painted ‘everyone’ from Gangstarr to Einstein.

If you want to see more of his work, check out his official website, social pages and support the homie and the arts by grabbing a fly canvas or tee from his webshop.

Now here’s almost twice a dozen of paintings and portraits by Owen Dippie (say it again, I love this guy’s last name) for your enjoyment!

ODFun fact:
Owen Dippie’s logo is, like ‘Tika’, inspired by Maori culture and depicts a Tiki(iiii). Tiki is saidto be ‘the first man’ and Hei-Tiki’s are sometimes worn around the neck for protection.

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One of the best Hip Hop and R&B duo’s on one track, what would you expect? From the classic ’98 Moment of truth,  Guru and Premo’s 5th and most acclaimed, album. The sample is Latimore’s Let’s Do It in Slow Motion from the It Ain’t Where You Been… It’s Where You’re Goin’ album from ’76. Nice title, which might have even inspired Rakim’s famous line “It ain’t where you from, it’s about where you at”.

Enjoy the tune, consider the chorus your motto, and have a good weekend y’all, peace!

“One of the meanest and the cleanest
And still I’m kind of feindish when I’m at this
Been doin this for eons peons best to catch this
vision of excellence precise rappin ability
Bout to make some dead presidents macking a million G
The money though, it’s got people actin funny yo
As soon as some niggaz get some light, they be like dummies yo
Products and puppets and pawns, gettin played out
When authentic niggaz step up, respect be layed out
Major effect to your sector, I’m the corrector
Live and direct, waving my mic like a sceptor
Supreme exalted, universal leader
Descendent of the kings and queens, the overseer
The overlord, cream of the crop, creme de la creme
Spent years buildin with cats in the streets, so they my men
Again, Gangstarr has done it

Wherever I go
I want to take nothing less than the best
Whatever I choose, I choose to do
I have to stand out from all the rest”