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1 2016
Damu the Fudgemunk
This being the first edition, The Tika will provide you with a monthly update on the dopest and most refreshing releases of each month, not only to save you the effort but especially to keep you from missing out. Enjoy!

Blu & Cookbook – Yes


A collaboration EP by Blu and Cookbook. Blu produced 8 laidback, soulful beats for MC Cookbook from L.A Symphony and the EP features Playdough, Pigeon John and Frank Nitty.
A nice, fun project.

Damu The Fudgemunk – Spare Overtime Re-Inspired

Damu The Fudgemunk – Spare Overtime Re-Inspired

Newly recorded and retitled versions of his tracks. For this record, Damu checked all his old floppy discs and remade everything for the best listening experience.
All done on the MPC2000, this is the old sound we know Damu from. With a few new tracks and his recognizable vibes, this is good stuff.

 Talib Kweli – Gravitas


The 2nd album Talib Kweli has released in 2013, and it’s tight! Of course there are dope lyrics, but what really gives this album its ill vibe are the dope productions. Producers like Lord Quest, Oh No, Khrysis (which was a very nice surprise) and J Dilla contributed beats to this mellow, though still energetic album. Definitely worth a listen and a nice addition to Talibs impressive discography.

To be downloaded at DJ Booth

Illogic & Blockhead – After Capture


This is the last release of a fourpart project;  Illogic and Blockhead recorded a lot of songs while working on their album ‘Capture The Sun’. They have released Prepare for Capture 1, Prepare for Capture 2, Capture the Sun and After Capture. I’m a big fan of Illogic, so I really enjoyed each of these releases..
And even though this isn’t your everyday hip hop, thanks to the strange samples and beats, Illogic’s metaphorical lyrics and the innovative ambiance, everybody should most def take a listen.

Madlib – Rock Konducta Vol. 1 LP


Rock Konducta is the most recent release of Madlib’s “Beat Konducta” series. This release has been inspired by strange underground rock scenes from the 60’s through the 80’s: American psychedelia, Germany’s Krautrock, Spanish progrock and synthy, early-80s oddities. A very unique choice if you keep in mind we’re talking about hip hop here, but that only makes it better.
Madlib has the ability to make all this sound proper instead of chaotic. I like this free minded LP.

Snoop Dogg / Snoopzilla & Dam Funk – 7 Days of Funk


Snoop is one of just a few, if not the only, commercial rapper that has released a modern funk record. Snoop’s performance over the last years hasn’t always been the best.
He went from being Snoop Dogg to being Snoop Lion, and now he seems to be Snoopzillah. I’m not even sure how to call him now… (Do you?)
Besides that, this is a kicking release. It brings out my inner funky whiteboy. It seems like Snoop is finally stepping his game up again, rapping to his full abilities and Dam Funk is giving that perfect G-Funk flavor into it. This is one of the best things Snoop has released in quite some time.
Go check it out! Keep it funky.


Due to a crashed laptop this article came a week late and shrunken.
For the next you can expect on-time delivery of the freshest gimmick-free Hip Hop releases.
We hope you benefit, feel free to spread the love & let us know if we skipped any.

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It’s all about Otis Jackson Jr. Better known as Madlib, but by the time of this release around 2002, was not even releasing on that alias yet.

After Lootpack and Quasimoto, he decided to expand himself into another realm of music. And in order to do that, of course he came up with a new fictional character, or well .. 4 actually.

Yesterday’s New Quintet is a jazz collective of 4 fictional musicians and himself, all made up and performed by Madlib. This instrumental is from the album ‘Stevie’ which is, as the name suggests, a tribute to Stevie Wonder.

This reminds me of sunny rides in Sydney, enjoy and unwind ..