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DS: Before we begin I just want to say it’s always nice catching up with the Audible Doctor. Thank you for setting aside time and rocking with us at The Tika.

AD: Absolutely! Thank you for the opportunity! I really appreciate it!

DS: The highly anticipated ‘Can’t Keep the People Waiting EP’ was released this morning. How are you feeling about the project in general? I know you’ve mentioned previously that sometimes it takes a few weeks for your work to set in and for you to settle in with the records.

AD: Haha yeah I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It usually takes me a Cover Artmonth or so after the project is out to really be able to hear it clearly. While I was making the EP I felt like this was probably my best work to date, but after listening to it a million times and going through the project over and over again I became a little deaf to what it actually sounds like. It’s funny because this happens with every project I work on, but I’ve learned to just trust myself and usually a month later I love it. The good thing is everyone I’ve shared the project with has given me great feedback so I think it came out alright.

DS: You’ve been producing for quite some time now, but it seems like Audible Doctor really sharpened his lyrical sword as well. Is this an avenue you’ve been feeling good about? You’re rhymes are just as sharp as your production these days.

AD: For sure, I’ve been rapping for longer than I’ve been producing but my production has kind of always overshadowed my rapping. In the last 2-3 years I’ve put an emphasis on releasing more solo material where I’m rapping and really focused on getting my bars up so I think lyrically I’m in a good place at the moment. I’m never going to stop producing but I’m definitely going to be focusing on the rapping aspect more moving forward.

DS: One thing I noticed immediately was the amount of amazing featured artists on the new EP. Can you talk a little bit about the features and how this improved the project? Every artist fits perfectly and it doesn’t seem over-saturated which is pleasant in 2014.

The Audible DoctorAD: All the features on the project are people I work with regularly. I try not to reach out to people for features that I don’t already have existing relationships with because I feel when you do that the chemistry usually isn’t right. Guilty Simpson & Hassaan Mackey were both on my last project so I already know we work well together. “No Future” is my first track featuring Consequence but I’ve been producing for him and doing cuts on his projects for years so the chemistry is already there. I’ve known John Robinson for years as well and “Multiply” is actually something I stole off a collab project we have in the works, he said he was cool with me using it for my EP while we wrap up our project. Bumpy Knuckles is the big homie, he’s been supporting me and my group the Brown Bag AllStars for a minute and “The Beast” is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what we have in the works. And I’ve been following Astro for a while now, I reached out and sent him something for his project so when I decided to put my EP together he said he was down to hop on it and he killed it!

DS: Brown Bag AllStars didn’t seem to have much involvement with this project. Was this a conscious decision and a seperate lane you ventured down with the EP?

AD: Honestly that wasn’t intentional at all. I’m a terrible procrastinator so when I actually move on something it usually has a very tight deadline. I wanted to do a Brown Bag track for the project but with J57 & Koncept being on tour at the time, and Soul Khan working on his album, the timing just wasn’t right. Plus we have a big Brown Bag project in the works and I didn’t want to take anyone’s focus off of finishing what needs to be done for the group project by asking them to do something for my solo project. BBAS is family, they’ll always be on my projects the timing just didn’t work out for this one.

DS: I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you rock live recently at the Skyy Hook Radio event. It’s nice to see such a solid balance between production, rhyming and performing all in one. Do you plan on blessing more stages in the future?

AD: Absolutely! I’ve been hitting the festivals pretty hard the last few years and I’m still stepping out as a solo MC but I’m definitely focusing on doing more shows. I have a lot of spot dates coming up so expect to see me pop up in a city near you soon.


DS: “Cycle/So Tired” is a standout joint off the new project with murderous verses and a dreamy hook. You really poured out some brutal honesty and paid crazy homage to your love for the Hip-Hop game, and life. Can you touch on this track a little bit for the fans?

AD: It’s funny as soon as I made that beat, well, not even the beat, as soon as I chopped up that sample I knew it was going to be the first track on the EP. I actually wrote the first verse to just the looped up sample chops and then went back in later and added the drums etc. I really wanted the first track of the project to be strong but also revealing and I think it worked out perfectly. The whole second movement and second verse was actually pretty much last track I recorded for the project. The full concept for the balance and contrast between the first and second verse actually came to me as I was recording the second verse. I had something written but when I went to record it I said fuck it and just started making up a new verse as I was recording and it gave the song a whole new meaning. I’m definitely happy with how that one came out.

DS: What should we be expecting from the Audible Doctor from here on out? Are you jumping right into other projects? Live performances? Etc.

AD: I always have a lot of projects in the works so you’ll be hearing more about what else is coming soon. I also have a big announcement I’ll be making at the top of the year about something new I’m launching but for now, the easiest way to stay up on what’s going on is to check out my site audibledoctor.com or follow me on instagram/twitter @audibledoctor.

Stream The EP: http://bit.ly/CKTPWST
Purchase The EP: http://bit.ly/ADCKTPW

Interview done by your Favorite Journalist: Dread Solo.
Photo Credits: Robert Adam Mayer, Aquiles Torres, and cover art By Adri Cakes