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I believe many of y’all already are familiar with this dope street art project, reaching all through New York City. From Long Island to Queens, a lot of specific places and street corners were ‘tagged’ with one of these Hip Hop street signs. The artist behind them is Jay Shells, who already gained name through his ‘Subway Etiquette’ and ‘Metropolitan Etiquette Authority’ projects, which both were very socially oriented.

NoisePollution PullUpPants

This project was done for the love of Hip Hop. Jay Shells was listening and rappin’ along to Big L’s ‘Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous’ one day and thought about how cool it would be if the corner specifically mentioned in the song really was marked with that line for everyone to see. That way, even non-Hip Hop heads could become aware of the Hip Hop history of that particular spot. That idea grew and turned out to be one of the dopest street art projects I personally have ever seen up until this point.

Here’s a video of Jay Shells talking about his ‘Rap Quotes’ project.

After this video came out it took about 2 days before all the signs were gone. On one hand that’s a shame, on the other.. I would have done the exact same thing. I mean, let’s be honest… That shit’s too dope NOT to take it home with you!

Since none of the street signs are up anymore and you can’t go see them in person, I have done a lot of researching on the internet to find as many photographs of them as I could. Jay Shells is busy developing a website that plots the location & lyrics of all the signs so they can live on forever on the internet but since that’s not online yet, let me share with y’all the signs I have found not on the block, but yeah, on the internet.

Listen to this playlist while you skim through all these dope signs. There’s so much to see and I’ve tried to find all the tunes that match the lyrics. I couldn’t find all of ’em but I found quite a lot..
Can you tell which ones I’m missing?? ;)

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